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Courtney Cross : President

Courtney Cross


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The League of Women Voters of Denton works toward full and fair participation by all citizens in our democracy. Far too many citizens do not exercise their right to vote. Our purpose in the League is to encourage the citizens of Denton to recognize the impact of elections on public policy issues they care about and to become informed participants in the affairs of our community. The League is a multi-issue, grassroots volunteer organization of concerned women and men working together to better understand and influence the issues that affect us, our families, and our future. We hope you enjoy our site and make use of the information we provide!

If you care about the issues that affect you and our community, state and country and would like an opportunity to discuss today's issues with other concerned citizens in spirited, nonpartisan conversations, please consider joining the League and making a difference!

Christine Marion : Treasurer

Christine Marion


Jessica Burton : Social Media Coordinator

Jessica Burton

Social Media Coordinator

Linnie McAdams : Advocacy

Linnie McAdams


Jan Johnson : VP Membership and Program

Jan Johnson

VP Membership and Program

Louise Griffith : Voter Services

Louise Griffith

Voter Services

Members at Large :

Members at Large

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Members at Large

Katherine Lindsey
Sue Smith

Nominations Committee :

Nominations Committee

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Nominations Committee
Laurel Crawford, Chair (photo)
Deborah Armintor
Louise Griffith

VOTER Editor :

VOTER Editor

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